Thursday, August 10, 2017


 Every school day there are moments of joy and hilarity, it's just about choosing to find those moments. I'm a firm believer in not taking oneself too seriously and that laughter can heal a lot of things. As we are all gearing up for a busy and stressful next few weeks, it's important to stay smiling through everything that comes our way. I decided to try my hand at creating teacher memes this week. These memes are inspired by times where I've looked for the funny in a day or situation. Here are seven things every teacher can relate to. I hope these memes make you giggle.

1. When you're at school, but still basking in the glory of summertime solitude. 

There is a certain freedom that comes with being the only one at school. I don't know about you, but when I'm the only one in the building I just want to run and skip through the hallways and sing at the top of my lungs like Julie Andrews through the Swiss Alps. I also feel like my productivity level goes WAY up because there are no distractions like teacher friends to talk to or students to attend to.

2. When Target fills the Dollar Spot with Back to School Supplies.

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you too. I think I've learned it's impossible to go to Target for just one thing. Especially in mid-July when you walk by the Dollar Spot and SURPRISE they've stocked the bins full of cute things that would just look so good in your classroom for such a good price. Talk about a "Dory Moment"! When I see those bins full of school goodies I forget why I was even there in the first place.

3. Me. Anytime anyone says the word free. Ever.

There's just something so exciting about free school supplies. Even if they were gently used, teachers have a knack for turning someone else's trash into our treasure. 

4. When you can get a good workout without ever having to go to the gym.

Do you feel the burn after using the Die-Cut machine? Good. Me too. The only problem with substituting Die-Cutting for your usual Arm Day routine is the fact that you'll probably end up with one arm more buff than the other... unless you have some ambidextrous Die-Cutting skills. Maybe you don't feel the burn after using the Die-Cut machine... but next time you're faced with the boring task you can giggle about getting in your "workout" for the day.

5. The struggle is real.

Boxtop labels are like gold. If I'm torn between which cereal to buy at the grocery store, whether or not it has a Boxtop on it can be a deciding factor. Finding out that someone threw away or recycled an item without first clipping off the Boxtop is upsetting. I may or may not have dug through a recycling bin before to find that item that was thrown away before someone took the Boxtop off of it. The struggle is real. 

6. Ever need a confidence boost? Take a look at your Sharpie Pens.
Yupp. You are both Ultra Fine.  


Anyone else anxiously waiting for their class list? I JUST WANT TO KNOW THEIR NAMES. Some of my teachers friends at other schools or districts already have their roster for next year. But until I get that glorious piece of paper I'll just shrug it off Michael Scott style. 

If you can relate to any of these memes feel free to share them with your friends and comment below. Stay laughing!

**Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original pictures above. They are all products of Google Searches. The memes created are my original intellectual property. If you want to share or post these memes, feel free to do so. Please leave my logo on the post. Thank you!

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