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I love my teacher desk! I don't spend much time sitting at it during the day, but it's nice to know I have my own space, stocked with everything I need. Today I'm sharing with you 10 items that you NEED to have in your teacher desk. If you're expecting to find flair pens and thumb tacks, you won't find that in this post. Today I'm showing you 10 non-school supply related items that I keep in my desk. Maybe you're setting up your teacher desk for the first time, or maybe you're looking for some reorganization ideas. Let's open up some drawers and take a peek at my top 10 must haves! 

 #1 Fun Post-It Notes

Okay, so I know that I said you wouldn't find school supplies in this post... but I don't really consider fun post-it notes to be a school supply item. Find fun, pretty, unique sticky notes that are only for your stash! Don't let you students use them. These are just something for you! I often find cute sticky note packs in the Target Dollar Spot. Having your own fun personal supply of sticky notes keeps things cute and professional for you. Whether you're jotting down to-do's, writing a quick lesson plan, or sending a short note to a student or staff member -- having fun sticky notes readily available at your teacher desk is a MUST!

#2 Lint Roller

Sometimes you come to work and realize you have dog hair or fuzzy stuff on your pants (or maybe that's just me?). I can't even begin to tell you how many times having a lint roller on hand has been a life saver -- not only for me, but for some of my teacher friends as well! 

#3 Bleach Pen

I have used my Tide-To-Go bleach pen MANY times (both inside & outside the classroom). I've used it when I've had coffee splash on my blouse, when expo marker finds it's way onto my pants, or even when there was a mystery stain on one of the cloth-covered bulletin boards in my classroom. It works fast and is pretty darn magical. 

#4 Lotion / Body Spray

Sometimes you just need to freshen up -- midday, on your way to a staff meeting after school, before a parent teacher conference... Having lotion or body spray on hand rocks! I can spritz a little and feel refreshed and ready to go. I have really dry skin (especially in the winter months) and sometimes I'll just open my desk drawer and squeeze a little lotion on my hands and rub it in as I walk around the room checking in with students. I always try to have a few different scents on hand depending on my mood, the season, etc. When I put on lotion there are always a few little heads that pop up and start sniffing around trying to determine which scent I used. Kids are funny. Having "smelly goods" in my desk is awesome. 

#5 Toiletries

This must-have actually consists of a few items. It all goes back to feeling fresh and clean no matter what the school day throws at you. The toiletries I have in my desk include:

- toothbrush / tooth paste
- dental floss
- deodorant
- lady products (some for me & some emergency ones for students)
- mini hairspray

Some school days are like a marathon with back to back meetings, conferences, school events, and some teaching thrown in too. Having these supplies in my desk has been amazing. On those busy days I don't have to pack a little bag with these items in the morning when I'm already feeling rushed. I just have them readily available. 

#6 Bobby Pins & Hair Ties

Sometimes I throw-down a little basketball with my students at recess, or I have hairs that get in my way, or I'm just having a bad hair day... bobby pins and hair ties have really become an essential in my teacher desk! This item (along with many of the other items in my desk) is one that I have had many staff friends ask me if they can borrow. I love that my friends know that I have "everything they could ever need" in my desk! It gives me the chance to build community as I share items from my desk with others. I love it when I'm getting things set up for the day and someone strolls into my room asking, "Hey Jess do you have ______?" and I usually do! 

#7 Snacks

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get a little hangry. I need snacks in my room. I always like to have a tin of almonds, protein bars, and a few M&Ms on hand. I also keep snacks in my desk for students who can't bring snacks from home. I know that if I'm having a hard time staying focused and energized because I'm hungry, my students are definitely feeling that too. Having a good snack stash is very important!!

#8 Some sort of Caffeine 

I'm a coffee girl so I always have K-Cups and mugs in my desk. Maybe you need tea packets, or quarters for Diet Coke from the vending machine. Whatever your caffeination preference may be, find a spot at your desk where you can store it. It's a great way to start the day, or perfect for a little afternoon pick me up. Plus, I've found that having a coffee station in my room helps me to save on my spending. Instead of being tempted to drive-thru a coffee shop on my way to work, I know I can make a cup of coffee when I get to school. Much more budget friendly! It's also another great way to build community with staff members as they pop into my room with an empty cup sometimes. 

#9 Notecards for any occasion

This is my favorite item that I have in my Teacher Desk! I have blank notecards, Birthday cards, Thank You notes, and friendly greeting cards all just a drawer-pull away. My mama raised me right -- when I receive a gift from a student I write them a thank you note and slip it into their mailbox right away. I also look for times I can write different staff members a notecard to encourage them. I love words of affirmation and I'm sure most people do. Looking for ways I can appreciate and recognize other people is a fun way to give back. Target Dollar Spot always has cute, colorful, and (most importantly) cheap note cards for any and every occasion. I try to stock up every few weeks so that I have lots to choose from. Having these note cards in my desk is a reminder to write that thank you note right away or send a little message while I'm thinking about it. 

#10 Encouraging Notes from Students

Our profession can be the most exhausting, but also the most rewarding. There are days where I'm tired or lacking focus. Pulling out encouraging notes from different students over the years always centers me. It reminds me why I do what I do. When I read over notes and remember the lives I've touched, the impact I've had, the jokes I had with specific students... it just brings me JOY and gives me that added boost I need!

So whether you're new to teaching or looking for some new ideas, I hope that this list has gotten you started on what you need to add to your teacher desk! Are there any must-have items I left off the list? Questions you have? Comment below!

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