Saturday, August 17, 2019

1 SHIRT // 12 WAYS

I recently snagged this tiered button-front top from Walmart. I love the simplicity of a good chambray shirt and the versatility it allows for creating lots of different looks all year long. After having several people reach out to me about this top via Instagram I decided to share with you 12 of the different ways I would style this fun shirt. Friends, the possibilities with this blouse are ENDLESS. I had fun digging through my closet and finding pieces new and old to pair with it. I hope that this post inspires you to put your own unique Teacher Style spin on a chambray shirt. 

Look 1
This is such a comfortable and effortless look to showcase our tiered chambray shirt! I would easily wear this for a day in the classroom and switch up my shoes or accessories for dinner out with friends or to run errands after work. I can also switch out my sandals and summer-y tassel earrings to put a different twist on this look when the seasons change. 

Look 2
Would you believe me if I told you I layered our tiered chambray shirt over a dress and then put a cardigan over it? Well I did! You could replicate this look by following the same recipe, or you could play with a patterned pencil skirt to get a similar effect. 

Look 3
At my school, we have Hat Day every Friday and I know I'll be rocking this look when the year is in full swing. I have been LOVING the ascot/scarf trend lately. Chambray reads as a neutral color and I love the versatility it provides me to play with different pops of color and pattern. I feel like this specific color pallet gives me a look that is perfect for end of summer and all throughout fall. 

Look 4
Nothing says "Back to School" quite like freshly sharpened pencils, right?!  This look is fun and fresh for the classroom. I achieved it with some of my favorite wardrobe staples -- a black pencil skirt and patterned pointed toe flats. This look is a great "first impression" outfit that I would wear for Meet the Teacher night or an important meeting.

Look 5
Feeling boho-fab with this pretty kimono, messy half bun, and dainty accessories. It's professional with the dark black pants, but still very comfortable. I could picture myself sitting criss-cross applesauce in my classroom working with kids or participating in a staff meeting while rocking this look.

Look 6
I stan a power blazer. I had fun playing with different trends to create this chic business professional look that I would wear for parent teacher conferences or other important meetings. I didn't know if this shirt would look okay with this blazer... but I decided to just try it out and it worked! Moral of the story -- don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and pair something together that you're not sure about. Worse case scenario it looks weird... just don't wear it. Best case scenario... you're looking at it! 

Look 7
So I probably wouldn't wear ripped jeans to school... BUT I love the edge and dimension that they added to this look, and it gives you a fun example of how I might style it for weekend-wear. For this look I took it up another notch (literally) by wearing my highest wedges and buttoning my shirt up one more button. By wearing the ultra-blingy statement necklace I draw attention up to my face.

Look 8
Trying to go longer between hair washes? Me too! I love this headband that makes my top-knot look a little more interesting. This look is perfect for those days when you want to keep hitting the snooze button, but also want to look pulled together. 

Look 9
Speaking of going longer between hair washes, I love a low messy bun too! With this simple geode necklace and staple cream cardi I'm feeling comfy and ready to teach the kids. 

Look 10
Just like the math formulas I share with my students to help them have success, I'm sharing an outfit formula that will give you fun and fabulous looks all year long. Chambray shirt + colored pant + patterned shoe + your favorite earrings = an outfit that will give you all the confidence. I could wear my hot pink, maroon, or blush pants and give totally different vibes (depending on the time of year or my mood) while still feeling just as confident! 

Look 11
One of my favorite style tips is to play with textures (not just patterns!). I paired these fringe cloth earrings with a fun sweater and smooth boots to add depth and dimension to this look. Perfect for fall? I think so. 

Look 12
With this last look I definitely pushed myself out of my normal style wheel-house and I'm so glad that I did!! Feeling sassy and stylish. I would encourage you to dabble outside of your fashion comfort zone every now and then too. You never know when a little risk might turn into one of your favorite outfits!

Bonus look for ya'lls enjoyment, using my formula from Look 10!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my wardrobe and came away with a few different ideas of how to style this (or any) chambray shirt to show your Teacher Style. Which look was your favorite? Which look will you take and tweak to make work for you? Please share in the comments below or let me know on Instagram

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