Tuesday, July 25, 2017


It's almost back to school time which for me means that there are a lot of meetings ahead! Professional Development, Trainings, Conferences, or other meetings are a great chance to get out of the classroom and learn new things. I always think of these meetings as not only a learning opportunity for the topic at hand, but also an opportunity for me to make new connections both personally and professionally. It's tempting to show up in sweats, yoga pants, or ripped jeans. Don't get me wrong -- I am all for comfort. However, you never know who you might meet or what opportunity could come your way. Putting together a cute outfit can be just as effortless as throwing on a sweatshirt, but it gives you that pulled together look (and feeling) that can help you stand out and make a good impression. Today, I'm sharing three outfit ideas that are both comfortable and stylish to inspire you for what you could wear to your next Professional Development meeting.

Look 1:

This outfit is so simple and comfortable! I'm sure you have the same staple pieces in your wardrobe -- sandals, jeans, white blouse -- I just jazzed it up with a trendy statement necklace. This look allows me to feel relaxed a comfy, but style-wise I think it earns an A+. (Is that too corny? Oh well!)

The Look:
White Blouse - Walmart
Statement Necklace- Charming Charlie's
Jeans - Old Navy
Sandals- Old Navy
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Look 2: 

I LOVE this top, but I wouldn't wear it in the classroom. It is the perfect look for summer, a night out with friends, or (you guessed it) an outfit for PD. This fun flowy blouse is pretty and trendy, but still covered up enough to be appropriate for a meeting. I partnered it with dark wash jeans, heeled sandals, and my teacher bag to polish the look. And don't you fret -- these heels are so easy to walk in that I've run in them before (not for long, but you get the point... they're comfy!).

The Look:
Boho Blouse- Target
Jeans- Old Navy
Heeled Sandals- Old Navy
Teacher Bag- Target

Look 3:

I'm a sucker for a good t-shirt. If you're like me you probably have some great Teacher Tees in your wardrobe already that you've received at a conference or picked up along the way. Here's an easy way to take that simple tee to a whole new level! I cuffed up jeans, put on some patterned flats, and added a cardigan that I could keep on or take off depending on the temperature. Add some simple stud earrings like I did or a statement necklace and you've got yourself a whole outfit!

The Look:
Red Cardigan- Target (to see other ways to style this same cardigan click HERE)
Inspire Shirt- Erin Condren (Yes! The same gal who makes my planner. Use this referral code to save some $ on your purchase: https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/jessicawhittaker0114
Jeans- Old Navy
Striped Flats- Target

I hope this inspired you to dig through your closet and find pieces that you could put together for your next Professional Development. You can look stylish, pulled together, and make that impression the you want without having to break the bank or sacrifice comfort. Happy PD-ing to you! 

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