Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Do you ever have students who forget to turn in work on time? Who am I kidding -- of course you do! Or maybe they turn it in, but there's no name on it? It happens from time to time, no matter how great of a teacher you are. What matters is how you manage late/missing assignments. Today, I'm sharing with you my fun DIY to help you (and your students) keep up with what has or hasn't been turned in. It is SO important for students of any age to work on responsibility and my newest DIY project will allow my students to practice responsibility as well as self-advocacy. Keep reading if you want to see this cute, easy, and CHEAP project that will help you cut down on missing assignment nightmares.

What I've created is a "Missing Work" board that will allow me to post assignments and the names of students who I haven't received it from. This project cost about $12 and took me less than 15 minutes to make. I think that's a win-win. Not to mention the fact that this will save me the headache of dealing with holes in the grade book.

How I made it:

Supplies you will need- frame, scrapbook paper, alphabet stickers (optional), sticky notes
1. Take matte out of frame. 
2. Trace matte on scrapbook paper.
3. Cut scrapbook paper along traced lines.
4. (optional) Stick alphabet stickers on paper.
5. Place paper inside of the frame and secure.
6. (optional) If you chose not to purchase alphabet stickers, you could write "Missing Work" on the glass part of your frame using a dry erase marker.
7. Write missing assignments and student names on sticky notes and post as needed. 

How it works:

After I have finished logging assignment scores into my grade book I will pull out sticky notes.
- Each individual sticky notes will represent one assignment. 
- On said sticky note I will write the assignment title on top, then list out the names of all students who do not have a score logged for that assignment. 
- Students will be responsible for checking the "Missing Work" board and turning in assignments so that their name gets checked off the sticky.
- If a student knows that they turned their assignment in, yet they see their name on the board, this should prompt them to look through the "No Name File" I have in my class to find the assignment and then they can resubmit.

To celebrate students who have had every homework assignment turned in during the month, as a 5th grade team we do a "Homework Club" lunch. This incentive of having lunch with the teacher and friends is a great motivator for students to be on top of checking the "Missing Work" board and turn in assignments on time. 

Did you give this DIY a try? Will you tweak it for your class? Please share in the comments below or post on social media using #myteacherstyle to show off your finished product. 


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