My name is Jessica and I am a 5th grade teacher in the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from Northwest Nazarene University in 2015 with my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. I spend a lot of my time decorating my classroom and working with my students, but when I'm not teaching you can find me eating ice cream, spending time with friends at a local coffee shop, exploring my state, or pinteresting/Netflix-ing away. 

To me, a Teacher's style is all-encompassing including fashiondecor, classroom management, educational practices, and so much more! Our career is the most rewarding, but it can also be the most challenging & exhausting. My hope is to provide a safe and fun place for educators to learn, grow, find the support they need, get inspired, & unwind after a busy day in the classroom

I'm passionate about people and especially students! Children are the next generation of leaders & world-changers, so I'm excited about the possibility to mold minds and impact them. Follow my teaching journey, get inspired, tell your friends. Grab a cup of coffee & stay awhile. I'm glad you're here.

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