Saturday, August 15, 2015


If your weekend looks anything like mine you're probably putting the names of your students on popsicle sticks right now and staring at your lengthy to-do list. I get it. 'Tis the season! Here's a little poem I wrote, an "ode to back to school" if you will, that will take two minutes to read, while hopefully putting a smile on your face and giving you a quick moment to pause during your preparations. Enjoy!

T'was the Night Before School

T'was the night before school started and all through the halls,
that "Back to School" feeling was starting to fall.
The desks were all lined up so neatly in rows
and teachers were losing their nice summer glow.

The children were anxious to lay down in bed
and visions of homework danced 'round in their heads.
Their backpacks were stuffed and their clothes layed out nice
and parents were giving some friendly advice.

Now back to the teachers who were getting all prepped
and hoping for positive change they could affect
in students, beyond curriculum they'd be learning...
for new kids, but also for those who were returning.

With pencils, and markers, and lined paper too
the list just kept growing, there was so much to do!
They couldn't wait to match faces with names
and also try out that new team-building game.

But finally, at half past ten,
the teachers decided to find their zen.
And all around town, parents and teachers alike 
said, "Time for bed! It's a school night!"

This really is the most wonderful time of the year! Enjoy the process, get some sleep, take Vitamin C, and comment below.

UPDATE! As the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is approaching again, I have created a free download-able version of this poem as a gift for you! This is something you can print out, keep for yourself, or gift to your teacher friends/staff members. Enjoy!

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