Friday, July 31, 2015


Hello there! I'm so excited to share with you my Teacher Binder for the 2015 - 2016 school year. It is so organized & beautiful & I'm geeking out over it! I've seen a lot of adorable Teacher Binders, but I chose to create my own so that it could be organized the way I want and personalized. I'll use it for planning, record keeping, parent contact info, and so much more! I'm looking forward to carrying it into important meetings and having everything I need handy. If you're gearing up for back to school and looking for a new way to organize things this year or are looking for some fresh inspiration to show off your personal teacher style, then read on!

First things first, my binder cover! I printed out my cover and used washi tape to personalize it. My goal was for the cover to look professional without looking too uniform or boring. Not only was I able to achieve my goal, but it was inexpensive, easy to make, and turned out really cute! Let's open it up and see what's inside...

Say hello to my Flair pens! I can't wait to use them to grade papers and color-coordinate my calendar (it's the little things in life)!! I covered my binder divider tabs in washi tape not only because it looks cute, but because if I ever change my mind on my tab labels, I can peel off the washi tape, put a new strip on, and create a new label. Here's a break down of the sections of my Teacher Binder and what you can find inside:

To - Do List:

My to-do list comes from my deep desire to be super organized. I combined a few ideas I had from some books I've read, things I've seen on Pinterest, and ideas from my own brain. I have a few copies of my To-Do List in this section of my binder for me to use either day-by-day or week-to-week, just depending on how busy I am or how much I have to do. 
(If this To-Do List works for your organizational style, feel free to download the PDF and please comment below letting me know how it works for you!)


Next tab is my monthly calendar I got for free from Teachers Pay Teachers! I like it because it gives me a month at a glance view, so that when I'm in meetings I can quickly refer to it and make sure I don't overbook myself. I plan on using my Flair pens to color coordinate the events on my calendar so I can keep things straight.  

School Policies:

This section is where I am keeping important information about school and district-wide policies and procedures as well as my state's Code of Ethics for teachers. Now I can quickly reference those important materials right when I need them and not have to wonder, "now where did I put that again?".

Seating Charts:

I have three sets of students that rotate in and out of my room every day. I photocopied a blank mock-up of how desks are arranged and placed them in here. I will write in students names once school starts. This seating chart will help me match the faces to the names and hopefully help me get down all 90+ names sooner! It will also be a great resource for me to add to my substitute notes. 


A place for me to put my spreadsheets... I'm one of those people who loves to have a hard copy of grades everything as well as a digital. I also decided to put my gradebook in this binder because it will go everywhere with me, so I should never have to worry about leaving my gradebook out somewhere or forgetting to bring it.


I'm super excited about this Information Sheet/ Communication Log I created! Each student will have one of these sheets that I can refer to to look up contact info, birthdays, and other important information, as well as a record of all contacts with parents/guardians. 
(If this Communication Log works for your organizational style, feel free to download the PDF and please comment below letting me know how it works for you!)

Plan Book:

Lastly, I will attach my lesson plan booklet in the back. This booklet is something given to all teachers from our District and it's basically a weekly calendar with room for lesson plans, and mapping out scope and sequence. 

Is your Teacher Binder similar or totally different? What sections do you absolutely have to have in your binder? Did you download any of my planning documents? Share below!

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