Saturday, July 11, 2015


A fun way to show off your Teacher Style at your school is by personalizing your keys. I did mine last week (pictured above) in school colors and LOVED the results. You can personalize your keys too in a few easy steps. To start the process gather the following supplies: keys, colored nail polish, clear nail polish, tape, glitter (if desired).

Step 1: Wash keys. You want to make sure you get all of the dirt and grime off before you start the beautification process.
Step 2: Cover section of keys that you do not want to get paint/glitter on in tape. I used clear Scotch Tape and it worked just fine.
Step 3: Cover top portion of keys in one coat of clear nail polish.
Step 4: Paint keys in color of your choice. Do two coats on each side waiting 15-30 minutes (varies depending on polish used) between coats for it to dry well. After you're satisfied with the color of your keys move on to Step 5 while nail polish is fresh.
Step 5: Sprinkle glitter on keys while nail polish is still wet. I decided to only do glitter on one side of my keys, but you may cover both sides (or not do any) if you like.
Step 6: After glitter is set, cover in 2-3 coats of nail polish waiting 15-30 minutes (once again, just depends on your nail polish brand) between coats.
Step 7: After top coat has tried, remove tape and ... Enjoy!!!

Did you glitter-ize your keys? Did this post help you in the process? If so, share your experience below!

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